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  • Dec292013
    Jens Voigt

    42 year-old Jens Voigt rides The Last Attack

    Jens Voigt will retire at the end of the 2014 season after almost twenty years riding as a professional cyclist.…

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  • Dec282013
    Laird Hamilton working out in Malibu

    In the end, if you’re still there doing it, you win

    Water god Laird Hamilton says when it comes to staying fit for life, fear is good, failure isn’t bad, and…

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  • Dec272013

    “Am I there yet?” is the question, not “am I good enough?”

    Recent research on the best approach to coaching has used brain imaging to analyze how a focus on dreams and…

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  • Dec222013
    Richard Feynman

    Richard Feynman and the curious nature of everything

    Imagine you’re at a dinner party. It’s a stuffy affair replete with people you’ve never met before. You, in fact, know no one. A painful hour of small talk over cocktails transitions into the dining room. When you arrive at the table, there are assigned seats. An older man sits to the left of the empty chair where your host has sentenced you to sit for the next two hours. He stands up, smiles and introduces himself, shaking your hand.

    “Hello. I’m Richard Feynman. Nice to meet you.”

    And so starts one of the most amazing evenings of your life.

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  • Dec022013

    Happy 94th Birthday, Klaus Obermeyer!

    Klaus Obermeyer just keeps living life to the fullest. After breaking his femur in March 2011, his first serious injury…

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