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  • Feb072014

    “I think I’ve still got it.” Wendy Fisher. Super Mom

    There’s not much to add to this story that isn’t better told in this nice little film. But I’ll set it up anyway. A talented young athlete burns out on their sport, retires to discover something new that fuels their spirit, retires again and moves on, growing with life, only to discover that the fire still burns within. That’s the story told here of 41 year-old Wendy Fisher, former World Cup, Olympic, and U.S. National Champion alpine ski racer, then big mountain freeski champion, now mother of two young boys, and still an incredible athlete and super skier with tons of moxie.

    Wendy, you’re exactly what we’re talking about. And you definitely still got it.

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  • Feb042014
    David Agus

    A Short Guide to a Long Life. David Agus’ Rules to better health

    David Agus is an accomplished and well-regarded research scientist and a professor of medicine and engineering at USC. He has…

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