• Apr282014


    Dr. John Kitchin quit a medical career to pursue his passion: skating along the boardwalk of San Diego’s Pacific Beach. He calls himself “Slomo.” We call him inspiring.

    The people that love Slomo are cheering for one person that got away. That escaped. And got to real freedom where he skates all day. Doesn’t apologize. He’s simply doing what he wants to.

    Hysteresis and Phase Transitions
  • Apr062014
    Peter Matthiessen

    A life well-lived. Peter Matthiessen | 1927-2014

    Peter Matthiessen. A name known to me for years as a writer I should read, but until this past Friday,…

    Experimente mit der FRITZ!Box
  • Feb072014
    Arrow Pushing in Inorganic Chemistry : a Logical Approach to the Chemistry of the Main Group Elements

    “I think I’ve still got it.” Wendy Fisher. Super Mom

    There’s not much to add to this story that isn’t better told in this nice little film. But I’ll set it up anyway. A talented young athlete burns out on their sport, retires to discover something new that fuels their spirit, retires again and moves on, growing with life, only to discover that the fire still burns within. That’s the story told here of 41 year-old Wendy Fisher, former World Cup, Olympic, and U.S. National Champion alpine ski racer, then big mountain freeski champion, now mother of two young boys, and still an incredible athlete and super skier with tons of moxie.

    Wendy, you’re exactly what we’re talking about. And you definitely still got it.

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  • Jan042014
    Literary Executions: Capital Punishment and American Culture, 1820-1925

    Who doesn’t want to be Klaus Obermeyer?

    The Rocky Mountains had a record snow year in 2011 and I missed it. I was too tired, too out…

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  • Dec222013
    Richard Feynman
    Ramage & the Dido (Lord Ramage, Book 18)

    Richard Feynman and the curious nature of everything

    Imagine you’re at a dinner party. It’s a stuffy affair replete with people you’ve never met before. You, in fact, know no one. A painful hour of small talk over cocktails transitions into the dining room. When you arrive at the table, there are assigned seats. An older man sits to the left of the empty chair where your host has sentenced you to sit for the next two hours. He stands up, smiles and introduces himself, shaking your hand.

    “Hello. I’m Richard Feynman. Nice to meet you.”

    And so starts one of the most amazing evenings of your life.

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  • Dec022013
    Applied Cryptography and Network Security: 14th International Conference, ACNS 2016, Guildford, UK, June 19-22, 2016. Proceedings

    Happy 94th Birthday, Klaus Obermeyer!

    Klaus Obermeyer just keeps living life to the fullest. After breaking his femur in March 2011, his first serious injury…

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  • Nov292013

    Dr. Maya Angelou. Renaissance Women. Born 1928.

    Listen to this story from JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook , a life rich with experience as a poet, author, dancer, coordinator for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, journalist in Egypt and Ghana during the days of decolonization, actor, writer, director and producer of plays, movies, and public television programs, and teacher. Listen to her spirit. Dr. Angelou’s laugh alone tells you she is a force to be reckoned with. Spirit knows no age.

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  • Nov292013

    Capt. Jim Lovell. Commander, Apollo 13. Born 1928.

    Jim Lovell. Test pilot, astronaut, first person to fly in space four times, one of the twenty-four people who have flown to the Moon, the first man to do it twice, winner of the Congressional Space Medal of Honor and Presidential Medal of Freedom, but most famous as the commander of the Apollo 13 mission, which suffered a critical failure en route to the Moon but was brought back safely to Earth by the efforts of the crew and mission control.

    Oh, and did I mention Jim Lovell is a master of the understatement?

    You’re sitting on top of about five and a half million pounds of high-explosives, so there’s a little bit of apprehension there.

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