• Nov192013

    Pencil. The very best iPad stylist yet. From the makers of Paper.

    Getting comfortable with new technology is easier when you start from a model you already know. FiftyThree, the makers of Pencil and Paper, understand this. So rather than write three hundred words and try to explain this beautiful, well-designed product, watch this nice little film, then visit their site. Or you could read this excellent write-up from Wired:

    Here’s Pencil’s appeal in a nutshell: It’s the rare iPad stylus you can actually use like a pencil. One side draws, the other erases. It’s sophisticated enough to make sure your palm will never mark up your canvas or send your app going haywire. In other words, it’s just as easy to operate as the instrument it’s named after. That’s no small feat.

    Pencil stylus

    Pencil is rectangular, not round, so it won’t roll off the desk and it’s satisfyingly chunky to hold.

    Drawing with Pencil, by FiftyThree

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