42 year-old Jens Voigt rides The Last Attack

42 year-old Jens Voigt rides The Last Attack
December 29, 2013 chasporter

Jens Voigt will retire at the end of the 2014 season after almost twenty years riding as a professional cyclist. Maybe Jens could have had more victories in his great eighteen-year career, but his attacking style brought energy to every race he entered and made the German incredibly popular with cycling fans worldwide. He is simply a joy to watch work and is the most honest and entertaining interview in the whole cycling circus. Jens Voigt always has something to say. Good luck and enjoy this last year, Jens. Thanks for being one of the most approachable guys in the peloton. Go out in your final season and do something outrageous for your age, something like what Chris Horner did in 2013. Glad I got to see you ride and shred guys half your age, then turn and take them under your wing. You are top-notch, Jens Voigt. Here’s hoping I get to see you as a broadcast commentator working alongside Phil Liggett, Paul Sherwen, and Bob Roll. That would be awesome.

From his recent interview with PEZ Cycling News:

I think I like to surrounded by the young kids; it helps me to keep young and stay in shape. I still do my job, as I’ve said a few times, I’m in a lucky position that I have turned my passion into my profession, there are not many people who can say that they love their job.

Read the rest of his interview here.

Jens Voigt