In the end, if you’re still there doing it, you win

Laird Hamilton working out in Malibu
Laird Hamilton working out in Malibu

Water god Laird Hamilton

says when it comes to staying fit for life, fear is good, failure isn’t bad, and you should treat your body like a truck, not a temple. Still as relevant today as they were when originally published in Outside Magazine back in 2007, Laird’s Laws are worth referring to over and over again to keep committed, focused, motivated, and working out. Out of a list of seventeen, here are a few of my favorites from Laird:

It’s really about keeping in shape for life. Think about your body like a car. Once you park a car, it might not start again. But if you just keep driving it, it’ll keep going. It likes to be driven.

You have to go and try different stuff. The thing is, when you reach a certain level in any sport, you become so efficient at it that the effort level is really diminished. Your body has adapted. So what are you getting?

We are each our own greatest inhibitor. People don’t want to do new things if they think they’re going to be bad at them or people are going to laugh at them. You have to be willing to subject yourself to failure, to be bad, to fall on your head and do it again, and try stuff that you’ve never done in order to be the best you can be.

Laird’s last point here is worth focusing on: your ego can keep you from living the life you want to live. If you’re unhappy or embarrassed about being out of shape and overweight, don’t let the judgement of others, real or imagined, keep you from taking a new path, doing the work, and making yourself happy. Happy is a choice and no one else has control over the choices you make in your life. Only you do. So don’t let You keep you from being the person you want to be. All it takes is choosing happiness and taking the steps that lead you down the path to the person you want to be.

Just go for it.

Laird Hamilton paddle surfing
Laird Hamilton paddle surfing
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