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1984. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Oppenheimer, Evelyn, 1907 A book lover in Texas / by Evelyn Oppenheimer. p. cm. Includes index.  Title. " Robert Loomis "But the Work shall not be lost. " Chaucer, Troilus and Criseide Page vi Dedicated to the memory of my parents and to the great teachers and authors, the friends and audiences through so many years. Page vii Acknowledgments First to my publisher and editor, Frances Vick of the University of North Texas Press, who ran herd on me until I was in the corral, and also to the Dallas Chapter of the Women's National Book Association for their memorable tribute of honor in November 1994.

As a reviewer she came to know the famous and near famous who visited Page xi Dallas. Her stories about personalities are sometimes funny, often dramatic, always lively. Spanning five decades, she has been read and heard, especially the latter, all over the southwestern part of the United States. While many do not know her face, her style and her voice are cozily familiar to readers and listeners. Oppenheimer is treasured by bookstores and bookwriters and bookreaders, by librarians and publishers and academics.

But my fascination was with philosophy as taught by the noted T. V. Smith, a veritable Niagara of wit and scholarship. He was a fellow Texan, born on a poor cotton farm in Brown County near Blanket in 1890. Tall, skinny, freckled, sandy-haired, he had walked barefooted to the University of Texas in Austin to work his way through college. He literally lived in the library between jobs and classes. The brilliance of his record there catapulted him to the University of Chicago for a doctorate degree and then as professor of philosophy from 1923 to 1948.

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