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By Casey Mayes

Savannah Stone makes her residing developing puzzles for good judgment enthusiasts. but if a amateur puzzle maker's quantity is up, Savannah has to fill within the blanks to resolve a homicide . . .

Savannah may virtually relatively drink poison than have tea with Joanna Clayton. not just is the disagreeable girl one of many worst gossips in Asheville, North Carolina, over tea she flaunts her new project growing common sense puzzles for an area newspaper--one that has time and again became down Savannah's paintings.

But whilst Savannah's retired police leader husband, Zach, calls her later to inform her Joanna has really been poisoned, she is greater than puzzled--she's stricken. Will the police contemplate puzzle envy a powerful adequate cause and imagine she made up our minds to cast off the contest? It's time for Savannah to variety via Joanna's lengthy record of enemies to determine who used to be sour adequate to poison the potential puzzle maker . . .

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