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By Robert J. Buck

Robert Buck's heritage examines the archaeological checklist, takes a clean examine what the ancients acknowledged in regards to the Boeotians and on the references of classicists of more moderen occasions, retells the legends, and reconstructs the heritage of the zone from the heroic Bronze Age to the Pelopponesian battle.

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It is also marked by the use of larger buildings. 23 Some violence, marked by ash layers at numerous EH II sites, accompanies this change in the Peloponnese, but in Boeotia the site of Eutresis would seem to have been temporarily spared. It has been argued that new population elements arrived about this time and were perhaps the carriers of the language ancestral to Greek. , when several other sites were damaged. This devastation may mark the entry of a second wave of kindred elements at the beginning of the Middle Helladic,25 though many authorities deny that any such inference 36 Archaeological Evidence from the Neolithic and Bronze Ages should be drawn.

183. 122. For the site at Likeri, Papadimitriou, Praktika Akademias, 1931, 274-76; Fossey, Topography, 294-97. 742, no. " 123. Fossey, Topography, 285-87, for latest data on Aghios Elias, correcting Hope Simpson and Lazenby, 25. 124. Wallace, 167f. 125. 742, no. 184; Touloupa, AD, 1966, Chr. 198-202; Spyropoulos, AAA 4 (1971), 319-28; Fossey, Topography, 287-90, 292-94. 126. 742, no. 185. 127. P. Wolters and G. -P. Drogemuller, Gymnasium 68 (1961) 219-27; G. Bruns, AA, 1964, 231-34, and AD, 1968, Chr.

175 The north coast of Boeotia has several ancient sites, most of which are reasonably surely identified, but some of which are most definitely not. C. was named, and site of the sanctuary of Apollo, is generally thought to lie at modern Dilesi. 176 The site of Dramesi, on the northern edge of the village of Dramesi (officially Paralia), has been the subject of some archaeological investigation and a fair amount of discussion. It is clearly a prehistoric site, and the remains of a sculptured stele have brought it some fame.

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