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This hot tale of Amish relatives lifestyles is a sequel to A Fruitful Vine, publication 2 within the Miriam's magazine sequence.

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When we are living in the center of God's will, is every minute and detail of our lives planned by God? " "I'm so glad I married you," I told him, snuggling close to him and meaning it with all my heart. He tucked the carriage robe around me, and it seemed almost like we were dating againjust the two of us. This was the first time in a long while that we had gone away together without the babies, and it made me feel young and romantic. My heartstrings were also tugged homeward, and as we drove in the lane, I spied three little faces at the window.

Seeing Allen and Polly and the family there together brought the memories crowding back. At first when I was working for Allen, I didn't quite feel "at home" there, but later I grew attached to them all and knew it would be hard to give them up when I had to leave. Allen couldn't have chosen a better wife and mother for the children. Polly is still the same warm, caring, lovable person that she always was. As she clasped my hand and greeted me with a holy kiss, I felt that it was genuine friendship and not just a duty.

She smiled a tremulous smile, and we were friends again. January 11 Brrrr! A genuine, old-fashioned blizzard is raging outside. The wind keeps drifting the fluffy, white stuff higher and higher! Oh well, let it snow now rather than early March, when we'll be needing to go to the hospitalthat is, if I won't be able to persuade the doctor to consent to a home delivery this time. The trees along the creek are a glorious sight, and the creek itself looks like a white, icy, frozen waterway. Nate has been wading through the drifts to the barn and back, battling frozen water pipes.

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