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No matter if your wisdom of Perl is informal or deep, this publication will make you a extra entire programmer. It covers complicated recommendations for dealing with production-ready Perl courses and explains equipment for manipulating information and items which can have appeared like magic prior to. in addition, it units Perl within the context of a bigger surroundings, giving you the historical past you would like for facing networks, databases, and GUIs. it is usually a dialogue of internals that will help you software extra successfully and embed Perl inside of C or C inside of Perl. significant subject matters contain the sensible use of applications and periods (object-oriented programming), advanced info constructions, patience (e.g., utilizing a database), networking, graphical interfaces utilizing the Tk toolkit, interplay with c program languageperiod features, embedding and increasing the Perl interpreter, and chosen internals.

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In the preceding examples, if you expected the program logic to have a real reference instead of a string, then you would have wanted Perl to point it out instead of making assumptions about your usage. Fortunately, there's a way to switch this eagerness off. Perl has a number of compile-time directives, or pragmas. The strict pragma tells Perl to do strict error checking. pl line 3 The strict directive remains in effect until the end of the block. It can be turned off by saying no strict or, more specifically, no strict 'refs'.

Unless you want to be a serious contender for the Obfuscated Perl contest, avoid using blocks containing more than two expressions while using the general dereferencing rule stated above. 1 Trojan horses While we are talking about obfuscation, it is worth talking about a very insidious way of including executable code within strings. Normally, when Perl sees a string such as "$a", it does variable interpolation. But you now know that "a" can be replaced by a block as long as it returns a reference to a scalar, so something like this is completely acceptable, even within a string: print "${foo()}"; Replace foo() by system ('/bin/rm *') and you have an unpleasant Trojan horse: print "${system('/bin/rm *')}" Perl treats it like any other function and trusts system to return a reference to a scalar.

You might be surprised how little an effect this strategy has on the overall performance, because most of the time is taken by reading the file and subsequently working on $line. " Most applications deal with lines 60-70 bytes long. Incidentally, you can use the standard library module called Benchmark to time and compare different code implementations, like this: use Benchmark; timethis (100, "GetNextLine()"); # Call ProcessFile 100 times, and # time it The module defines a subroutine called timethis that takes a piece of code, runs it as many times as you tell it to, and prints out the elapsed time.

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