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Dakotah Treasures publication four- significant Jeremiah McHenry is retiring from the military and returns to Medora to make a brand new existence and discover a spouse. Will he be capable of persuade feisty newcomer Amethyst O'Shaunasy that he's the type of guy she's been searching for? Jacob Chandler, in the meantime, continues to be ready till he can courtroom Opal Torvald. Can he turn out to Opal that she's going to make a great preacher's spouse?

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I’ve looked in her Bible. ” “There’s the big one, the family one what’s been passed down the generations. ” He reared up in his chair and stared around the room as if the book might come leaping out of a corner or off a shelf. ” Colleen moved the coffeepot to the hotter part of the stove. She’d have a cup of coffee before heading out to do the evening chores. After milking in the morning, she’d finished digging the potatoes and stored them away in the cellar, along with the other root crops, all in their bins and covered, some with straw and others, like the carrots, with sand.

Why even talk? He wasn’t listening. The back door opened, and the proprietor pushed his way in, dragging a dolly loaded with crates. “Sorry, Miss O’Shaunasy, I had to pick up my freight or someone might have lightened my load, if you get my drift. I’ll haul his carcass out to the wagon for you. ” “I’ll let him sleep it off in the wagon, that’s what. ” She addressed his back as he slung the old man over his shoulders like a sack of wheat and hauled him out to the back of the wagon, where he dumped him on the goods already loaded.

He eyed her hat, which was, as usual, fighting the battle to be free of her hatpins, and smiled. ” “No, no. ” She set her plate on the table and used the napkin to mop her gloved thumb. ” He tipped his hat and strode off. Other than the conductor, he was the first person to speak to her in three days. She ate her hearty bean soup, the smell of ham and beans reminding her of the smokehouse at home. Was her father keeping the fires stoked? Had he fed the livestock? Of course he had. While he was inclined to laziness, he would not hurt the animals that provided their livelihood—would he?

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