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By S. m. Drobenkov

This ebook summarizes the result of a long term research of amphibian distribution, ecology and morphology within the Republic of Belarus. For all amphibian species corresponding to Triturus vulgaris, T. cristatus, Bombina bombina, Pelobates fuscus, Bufo bufo, B. viridis, B. calamita, Hyla arborea, Rana temporaria, R. arvalis, R. ridibunda, R. lessonae and Rana esculenta, geographical and habitat distribution, assemblage constitution, feeding, job, replica and improvement are defined. specified research of morphological version and the differentiation of populations by means of panorama areas are given. neighborhood difficulties of anthropogenic strain and technique of species conservation are mentioned. The ebook can also serve a consultant to the amphibians of Belarus and will good be utilized by either experts and amateurs.

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The nominate subspecies R. temporaria temporaria Linnaeus, 1758 occurs in Belarus. In morphological and ecological aspects, the Common Frog is one of the most studied representatives of the aboriginal batrachofauna (details of external morphology see below: Chapter 5). Body length does not exceed 100 mm. The body is massive, slightly elongated with a flat head. The inner metatarsal tubercle is rounded and low. Dorsal coloration is brown, grey-brown or reddish-brown. The belly is spotted or marbled.

On the border of the belly and the back part of the groin region there is a narrow black band (so-called inguinal loop). There are disks on the tips of the digits that excrete sticky material that permits the frog to climb quite well on vertical surfaces. The pupil is horizontally elliptical. The majority of morphometric characters do not show sexual dimorphism. Males differ by presence of a ventral vocal sac and by being a little larger. The Common Tree Frog is one of the most thermophilous amphibians of Belarus.

Wetlands with light f low or ditchwater, such as rivers, sloughs, drainage channels, ponds and water storage basins, serve as breeding habitats (Fig. 9). The spawn is deposited on underwater vegetation or on the bottom. The length of the spawn cord reaches 3 m and the eggs are arranged THE AMPHIBIANS OF BELARUS 25 Table 6. Body proportions of Bufo bufo from the territory of Belarus (n=531). 062 in 1–2 series (Fig. 10). Spawn cords sink to the bottom at once and are seldom visible from the surface.

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