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2007). 2% at temperatures T = 24 °C and 30 °C (points C and B in Fig. 21) are shown in Figs. 22a-b, respectively. The spectra before and after UV irradiation, and after a subsequent irradiation with visible light are reported (grey, dotted and dashed curves, respectively). The spectrum measured at T = 37 °C (point A in Fig. 21) is shown as reference (black solid curve). At T = 37 °C, since T > TNI, the LC-15/BMAB mixture is always in the thermal-isotropic phase even when 100% of trans-isomers are present.

85, No. ; Anand, S. & Talneau, A. (2007). Optical tuning of planar photonic crystals infiltrated with organic molecules. Journal of the Optical Society of America B, Vol. 24, No. ; Ferrini, R. & Zuppiroli, L. (2008). Local infiltration of planar photonic crystals with UV-curable polymers. Journal of the Optical Society of America B, Vol. 25, No. 10, 1562-1567 Liquid Crystals into Planar Photonic Crystals 43 El-Kallassi, P. (2009). ; Scherer, A. & Psaltis, D. (2006). Nanofluidic tuning of photonic crystal circuits.

7 (El-Kallassi, 2009). The choice of organic molecules to fill the air holes of planar PhCs stems naturally from the following properties of organic materials: they offer a large variety of interesting optical properties both in the visible and in the near infrared spectral regions that often depend on the molecular organization; there exist a wide palette of different molecular organizations depending on the molecule interactions. g. ) and, thus, the optical properties of the material itself; the complex interaction between organic molecules and inorganic surfaces, such as the semiconductor native oxide layers, strongly affects the wetting properties of the organic blends.

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