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Tarentine Horseman of Magna Graecia: 430-190 BC (Warrior)

It is a slender yet very informative quantity on historical Greek horsemen with unique connection with the cavalry of Taras in southern Italy. it may be famous that there's a extraordinary loss of reference fabric (both writeen and pictorial) on Tarantine horsemen themselves, therefore the majority of the dialogue this is truly acceptable to so much Grecian riders of the Hellenic and Hellentistic classes.

Apollonius de Perge: Coniques, Tome 3: Livre V. Commentaire historique et mathématique, édition et traduction du texte arabe

Mit dem funften Buch der Kegelschnitte erreicht die antike Mathematik einen Hohepunkt. Apollonius fuhrt darin die erste bekannte Theorie der Maxima- und Minima-Linien aus, die von den Mathematikern zu Beginn des 10. und vor allem des 17. Jahrhunderts wieder aufgegriffen wurde. Ebenso wie die folgenden beiden Bucher VI und VII ist dieses Buch, dessen griechische Original-Fassung verloren ist, nur in der arabischen Ubersetzung erhalten, die im nine.

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D. 378, he settled in Rome where he wrote his account of the Roman Empire. D. 96 to 378. D. 353 to 378, survive. Written in Latin, the work provides a clear, impartial, and detailed account of the political, economic, and social history of the empire. Ammianus drew from his own experiences to create a vivid and dramatic picture of people, life, and events of the time. His biographies (including that of the emperor Julian, who played a central role in the history) are notable for their vivid descriptive passages and critical analysis.

He ancient Greeks believed that writing played an important part in the development of civilization. They associated the use of written language with order and democracy. , for example, the Athenian politician SOLON had his new laws written on a large wooden tablet and placed on display so all could see them. This permanent posting of the laws made it clear that they were fixed and that they applied to everyone. The Greeks used an alphabet, a set of symbols or letters representing various sounds, in their system of writing.

NIMALS ANAXIMANDER See Philosophy, Greek and Hellenistic. ANAXIMENES See Philosophy, Greek and Hellenistic. ANIMALS ANCIENT raiNCTIONS Hwton ttoeats to anfmaf species began long ago. Ancient Gmek and Ron^n writings and nrturals de~ picted I ions; leopa rds; and hyenas iteming in Gitece^ hlppopotamuses splashing near the mouth of the Nile, and marshes atwnd the Mediterranean Sea teeming with bMs, By the ttee of the late R&* man Imping however* tenting had gneatfy induced the numbers of these animate and driven them Into remote regions.

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