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By R. E. Spier, J. B. Griffiths, W. Berthold

Most vital for practicable and wealthy animal phone know-how is the fulfillment of profitable items therefore developing gain for sufferers and credibility for the industrial allure of this fairly younger expertise. The papers provided during this quantity deal with the most recent concerns and glance to destiny advancements within the fields of animal telephone expertise. very important themes thought of in those shows comprise downstream processing and regulatory safeguard points. The twelfth ESCAT assembly complaints proceed to supply an entire evaluate of this significant subject and may be a useful reference resource for these enthusiastic about the creation and use of animal cells

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1986, 34, 4724. , Hatanaka,H . and Hishinuma,F. , Sasada,R. , Nakagawa,S. , Nakahama,K . and Kakinuma,A. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 1990, 171, 116 PAPER OF KITANO Griffiths: Is there any limit, do you think, to the number of growth factors you can insert into a single cell? At the moment you have added 2 or 3 growth factors into cell lines to increase productivity. What are the chances of successfully putting several constructs of this sort into a single cell to increase the cells independence of medium components?

1986) Genetics 112,493-504 5. , Young J. , (1987) Mol Cell Biol 7, 1710-1715 6. C. (1992) Cytotechnolog y 10, 157-167 7. , and Rosenber g M. (1989), Genes &Development 3, 882-889 8. , and Rosenber g M. (1991) Bio/tech. 9, 173-177 9. , and Barlaw AJ. (1991) J. Immunol 146 (10), 3419-3423 10. , and Uhlen M. (1987) Bio/tech 5, 379-382 11. E. (1988) Texas Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin 1555, Texas A& M University College Station TX, USA 12. , and Chasin L. (1979) Proc. Nat. Acad. Sei. USA 76, 1373-1376 48 PAPER OF YOUNG et al Silberklang: What medium do you use to grow up your cells to 2 x 107?

Metcalfe, Adekunle 0. Onadipe, Angela Shaw and Ashley J. K.. Abstract The limitations of common selection procedure s for recombinan t cell lines have been investigated . The specific production rate of six closely related recombinan t CHO cell lines measure d in attached cultures were higher, lower, or similar to that measure d in suspensio n cultures of the same cell line. Likewise the specific production rate measure d in static cultures was found to be of restricted use during the selection of recombinan t NSO cell lines.

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