What happens when you start eating organic?

What happens when you start eating organic?
May 22, 2015 chasporter

Researchers at the independent Swedish Environmental Research Institute performed a study together with Coop, a chain of organic grocery stores, and the Palmbergs, a family that didn’t eat much organic food but was interested in eating more. Coop and the researchers wanted to know more about what happens in the body when switching from conventional to organic food. The result was so interesting that they made a film to share with the masses.

More information about the study, the movie and Coop’s work in the sustainability area can be found here on coop.se/ekoeffekten

(if you use Google Chrome you can translate the page to your native language). On NFA’s [Livsmedelsverket] webpage, more information about the latest nutrition recommendations and on undesirable substances in food can be found.

Read the complete report from IVL, the Swedish Environment Research Institute.